About Us

Asian Acrylates founded by late Shri Venilal Mulji Doshi in 1961 has over five decade of experience in the dental industry. Today, we are one of the professionally leading Dental manufacturers in India with high tech manufacturing unit. We have well equipped laboratory manned by skilled and qualified technicians. Our quality control department ensures that standard of quality are strictly adhered from batch to batch. We consistently strive for better quality and services.

Our Strengths:

  • High quality equipments and instruments.
  • Highly qualified skilled technicians.
  • Highly competitive prices and prompt delivery time.

We are into the Imports, Exports and Wholesale Distribution of Dental Products. Our potential buyers are Government Institutions, Private Hospitals, Dental dealers, Doctors, Laboratories, Dental Students, etc.

We always believe that our customer is "GOD". We further believe that our customer decides our value of products and services which motivate us to achieve higher goal towards customer satisfaction.